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The Global leader in Skin Science

NeoPharm aims to be the “Global No 1 Beauty & Healthcare company that provides the best value of life” and it has been growing and innovating for more than 20 years. Satisfied customers worldwide use products such as “Atopharm” skin care for infants and toddlers with sensitive skin, and medical skincare products under the “Zeroid” brand. Alongside a commitment to ensuring healthy skin, the company is strongly focused on ESG management, with a commitment to discover new eco-friendly materials and green packaging.

Customer needs

Improving sustainability

Cutting down on plastic waste was a priority, and by pursuing a circular economy NeoPharm is thinking beyond the basics of skin health. They want to think big and play a part in creating a healthy environment for everyone.

Enhancing product protection

Reducing the amount of in-transit damage was another goal. Not only were plastic airbags increasing plastic waste and giving the wrong messages to customers about sustainability, but they were also not as effective as needed during transit, making losses too high.

Reducing costs

With pressure on both material and labor costs, NeoPharm wanted to achieve a more efficient and more cost-effective packaging line – and one that also imposed a smaller logistical burden.

Our solution

After consulting closely with NeoPharm, Ranpak suggested replacing the existing plastic airbag packaging line with PadPak® LC (Light Cushioning) converters. These converters work entirely plastic-free. They use kraft paper, fan-folding it into light cushioning pads that are well suited to cushioning, blocking-and-bracing, and void filling. The pads are created using a patented folding and stitching process, and five different modes of operation enable both batches and individual pads to be made.

Business results

An answer to NeoPharm’s ESG commitments

NeoPharm has been able to make a further improvement to sustainability by switching to plastic-free packaging, in line with its ESG commitment to 100%-recyclable material. This has also had the additional benefit of improving customer experience, and boosting brand reputation with curbside-recyclable packaging. By using paper packaging, the company is also better placed to comply with forthcoming changes in regulations.

Fewer packages damaged in transit

The PadPak cushioning pad is designed to offer excellent shock absorption, and NeoPharm now benefits from the protection in transit needed to reduce losses from damages. No more than one or two packages out of every 100 are now damaged, thanks to a protective pad formed directly around the products.

A cost-effective resource

Labor costs have dropped thanks to a quicker packaging cycle and an estimated reduction in working hours equivalent to around two staff members. Logistics and stockroom requirements are simpler because one material (kraft paper) now meets all packaging requirements, replacing the previous two types of pre-made airbags.

  • “Ranpak’s eco-friendly packaging was ideal for our ESG and social responsibility commitments. Their consultation was very helpful, and our packaging is now more protective and cost efficient. It’s good to have a partner who helps with solutions that meet both our environmental and business needs.”

    Yangsu Kim CEO of NeoPharm

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