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JWF Technologies is a fluid power and motion control components distributor with advanced custom engineering capabilities. An Ohio-based business with a footprint across North America, their product offering includes hydraulic, pneumatic, electromechanical components and more from major manufacturers, as well as the expertise to deliver custom designed solutions built to the exact specifications of their customers.

Customer needs

Reducing costs

Rising costs and supply chain issues of foam and bubble solutions inspired JWF to search for better options. Their foam packaging system was costing them roughly $5K per drum of material for foam alone.

Improving productivity

Their system would experience frequent downtime, with technician visits costing an additional $175-200 per visit. Foam bags would blow up within their machines, leading to wasted materials and additional mess on site. When working to expedite shipping, these interruptions were highly disruptive.

Creating consistency

Without a “batch” setting to control the amount of material needed for each packaging job, the amount of material included in a box was inconsistent and slower than packing with paper. Using plastic bubble as void fill meant that packers were not sure how much material was necessary to use within each box.

Enhancing sustainability

Plastic foam and bubble materials are not curbside recyclable and are derived from fossil-fuels, which creates additional externalities. Shipping products to customers should be as sustainable as possible, and not leave large amounts of materials that are difficult to dispose.

Our solutions

Ranpak packaging engineers proposed a flexible and easily customizable FillPak® TTC void fill system, using GreenLine® paper made with recycled post-consumer waste, the same paper waste that is recycled at the curb from your home. The system has the option of an Electronic Delivery System (EDS) mode, making packaging fast, clean, and consistent using batches of specific paper lengths. The unit can be set up to dispense void-fill material at lengths from 12 inches up to 10 feet.

Based on the successful implementation of the FillPak®, JWF also adopted the PadPak® AJR. The converter separates 2-ply Ranpak kraft paper, allowing air to be trapped between the layers. Inside the converter, the paper is formed into a protective and shock absorbing packaging material through a folding and compression process, resulting in convenient and customizable paper pads.

Together, these low-profile and highly efficient converters completely replaced the need for plastic foam and bubble systems to package the diverse range of products JWF has to offer.

Business results

Reduced costs

JWF realized 50% cost savings by replacing their foam-in-place solutions with paper. They have also reduced their incidental costs with fewer maintenance calls and improved converter uptime, leading to greater order throughput.

Improved efficiency

Thanks to paper’s flexibility as well as convenient converter batch options, JWF can focus on meeting customer demand without worrying that the packing line will become a bottleneck for their logistics. The low profile of Ranpak’s JR and Tabletop converters means that they integrated easily into the packing line, preserving space within the warehouse for optimal packing configurations.

Sustainable customer experience

By opting to use 50/50 recycled and virgin Kraft blend paper within their PadPak® AJR system and GreenLine® paper within their FillPak® TTC, JWF has reduced the environmental footprint of their business be replacing single use plastic with easily recyclable, biodegradable, and 100% sustainable paper that is also composed using recycled materials. Paper unboxing and ease of disposal makes it popular with customers as well.

  • “The Ranpak system surpasses anything that the foam machine could ever do. It’s important for JWF Technologies to be a good steward for the environment. Ranpak helps us do that while setting our company up for future growth.”

    Eric Barrow Shipping and Receiving Manager

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