Bring automation and sustainability in-line.

Case forming has never been simpler or more low cost. Our Form’It Case machines accommodate a wide range of packaging dimensions and production environments. Available in 3 frames (depending on the box size), with 2 types of sealing (hotmelt and tape), single or multiple magazines (up to 4), and a variety of different footprints.

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We make in-the-box packaging that’s good for business and the planet.

Lower Your Total Cost Of Ownership

Pack faster, with lower labor costs and less temporary work. Minimize the number of pallets stored, wrapped, and shipped.

Optimize Your Environmental Footprint

Reduce the volume of packaging materials, unnecessary voids in each parcel, and use of trucks for shipping and distribution.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Improve product protection while providing an outstanding unpacking experience for end-customers that eliminates waste and builds loyalty.