Due to continued growth, packaging efficiencies became a priority at Savannah Bee

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Customer Needs

Due to continued growth at this busy manufacturing facility, packaging efficiencies became a priority. Products were being packed using loose fill peanuts. This packaging material created both space and sustainability issues. Many Savannah Bee products come in glass containers and it was difficult to keep the loose fill peanuts below the heavy items as they shifted during shipment.

Our Solution

Savannah Bee turned to the Geami WrapPak for their protective paper packaging needs. The manufacturing facility, retail stores and e-commerce all ship products wrapped in Geami WrapPak. Savannah Bee embraces sustainability as their products are either organic or contain natural ingredients, so Ranpak’s solution was a perfect fit. Geami WrapPak is simple to use, wraps easily and protects their products during shipment.

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