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WrapPak® Protector

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One converter for all your thermal packaging needs

WrapPak® Protector is a compact converter that produces ready-to-use waved paper pads. The pads trap air and prevent heat conduction, creating an exceptional insulator for cold chain applications. Pads can be used in many different box sizes, and can address a wide range of packing styles.

How does it work?
What are sample applications?

WrapPak® Protector is a unique solution designed to exploit paper’s outstanding insulating performance. As a versatile converter, capable of meeting a wide range of cold chain needs, it improves costs and performance across the thermal packaging of diverse perishable products such as groceries, meat, meals and other food ingredients. Heat losses caused by conduction, convection, and radiation are significantly reduced by the unique shape of the patented waved paper pads.

Added value

Packaging design

When requested, we create free personalized packaging designs for your shipments. These focus on insulating value, number of boxes, and box size.

Temperature testing

We can test these designs to meet official Western European or ISTA testing requirements.

Integrated applications

The Ranpak custom engineering department can design modifications, customizations and other innovative solutions to integrate the packaging converter anywhere around, above or under a packing area.

Packaging training

Training from our packaging experts can help your packers use up to 20% less packing material without compromising the quality of the packaging.

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