Creating Optimized Work Environments at the Point-of-Sale

Geami Wrap ’n Go™ can wrap products up to 3 times faster with up to 60% more effective protection than plastic alternatives, making it an integral part of your in store packaging offering.

Boost Productivity Fast with Easy Integration

Ranpak’s Wrap ‘n Go paper packaging solution is easily adaptable to any packaging environment. Requiring no tape or scissors to wrap, it’s easier than ever to streamline your wrapping station while maintaining the high standards of product protection your customers expect.

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customizable geami wrap n go used as wallmount in retail space

Made to fit your needs, our in-store solution is able to be adjusted to fit into any packaging environment.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Geami-aesthitically pleasing

Easy to open and sustainable materials with fully customizable logo and color options.

Superior Protection

Offering 60% better protection than bubble wrap, Geami can help reduce breakages and costly returns.

Paper packaging protects products, profits, and the planet


Easy loading takes less than 10 seconds per paper roll. A self-adjusting tensioning mechanism ensures smooth and even expansion of the honeycomb paper every time, with clear instructions on packaging to support your packers.

Innovative Design

The innovative and newly patented converter design converts our original Geami die-cut paper into a 3D honeycomb structure.


Small and modular, the converter can be adapted to your specific packaging needs, suiting different paper throughputs and converter placements.