Biodegradable insulated packaging.

Our insulated box liners offer a sustainable option for keeping your perishable products safe during shipping
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Make The Most Of Paper’s Insulating Power

Paper offers a wide range of benefits for cold chain shipping, making it the perfect packaging insulation for shipping solution – protecting perishable products, including groceries, meat, meals , and other temperature sensitive products. Insulated packaging helps reduce void fill, insulate against temperature changes, and minimize freight cost.

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Optimizing Cold Chain Packaging

Ranpak will work with your team to analyze your current packaging setup and perform a number of tests to offer the optimal packaging solution.
Our packaging experts can help your packers optimize your packaging without compromising the quality.

Step #1

packaging expert reviewing insulated packaging climaliner

Customer Request

Current packaging configuration is shared, including container type, packaging applications, and cooling materials.

Step #2

packaging expert placing climaliner into cardboard box to test insulation of products

Packaging Development

Ranpak engineers prepare packaging designs based on customer specifications, developing solutions that are as efficient as possible based on the requirements.

Step #3

packaging expert performing a climate room test on insulated packaging

Climate Room Testing

Ranpak’s climate room is able to replicate the temperature and humidity of any environment that a package will encounter, directly comparing the performance of different applications under the same conditions.

Step #4

customer receiving package with insulated packaging for frozen food used, such as recycold cool packs

Solutions Delivered

Ranpak presents the most effective packaging designs from testing to the customer, demonstrating the test results as well as sharing the recommended packaging techniques, box configurations, and cold packs for optimal performance.

Paper packaging protects products, profits, and the planet

Highly Sustainable

100% paper – environmentally friendly, renewable, and biodegradable. Easy to recycle at the curb.

Powerful Thermal Protection

Excellent thermal box liner protection for up to 48 hours, for ambient, chilled, and frozen products. Virtually same thermal packaging protection as plastics.

Cost & Time-Efficient

Prepared on-demand for when you need it: Save on storage, transportation and handling. Reduce labor time, with pads created on-demand, in pre-sized and pre-cut batches.

Unique Aesthetics

A satisfying unboxing experience for customers, thanks to this attractive, 100% paper solution.