Recycle information cool packs

How to recycle or re-use your cool packs

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RecyCold® cool packs keep products chilled thanks to a 100% biodegradable cooling gel that is drain and garden safe. Meaning that the cooling gel can be disposed of in the sink with water or simply emptied in the garden or another green container. The exterior pouch is made of paper with an LDPE coating. Once the pouch has been emptied, it can be disposed of in either residual waste, bins for combined materials, or in the paper recycling stream. Please check your national recycling rules and guidelines to determine the correct bin or method of disposal.


But, before you get ready to recycle your RecyCold cool packs, ask yourself if you can re-use them. They are perfectly suited for easy storage in your freezer to provide more cooling when you need it.

A great way to re-use your cool packs include cooling ingredients or drinks outdoors. When handling your cool packs with care, there is no limit to the number of times they can be frozen and thawed, after multiple uses you’ll want to dispose of the paper shell.

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